A great device for experiencing your music wherever you want, this Sylvania MP4 is dynamic and convenient. The Sylvania SMPK2072 music player is compatible with MP3s, which allows you to collect a huge range of music types obtainable from various sources. This digital media player is designed to handle a large number of songs, so you can transfer your favorite album tracks onto it. As this Sylvania MP4 includes a copious media storage capacity, you can store umpteen tunes for use whenever you wish. The Sylvania SMPK2072 music player is well-designed, which allows you to make use of it any time you want instant entertainment. Moreover, the USB connector featured on this digital media player makes it easy for you to plug into your personal computer and manage your songs. This Sylvania MP4 has crystal clear digital sound quality, so you can blast the tunes and jams at your desired volume. The Sylvania SMPK2072 music player comes with an ample battery life, so you can use it while studying, camping, or traveling.

Price: $69.00$17.99