The Battery charger For Sony BC-TR1 is a wall charger with cord that charges battery for NP-FR1 and NP-FT1. These batteries are used in Sony Cybershot DSC-T series ultra slim cameras and DSC-P100, P150, and P200 cameras. Having a spare battery charger mean you can charge an additional battery with out constantly plug your camera into the wall and avoid being damage by surge of electricity. It also charge your battery much quicker than your camera. It also can help you charge your additional battery at the same time as you charging one in the camera Charge your NP-FT1 and NP-FT1 Battery Pack in a flash with the BC-TR1 Battery Charger. Just plug it in, insert a battery, and it takes care of the rest. Its small, light-weight design makes it perfect for taking on the road.

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