The CD/DVD Laser Lens Cleaner is designed for use in CD and DVD players. It uses a 6 ultra-soft brush system to safely remove dust and dirt from the laser lens of the disc player. This will help ensure quality and consistency of laser performances and maximize performance levels.

7 sound optimization tools are included on the disc to optimize the sound quality of your stereo system.



  • Stereo Image and Channel ID Check – Verifies left/right speaker setup
  • Polarity Check – Verifies if positive/negative setup of stereo is correct
  • Sweep Test – Verifies speaker operation
  • ProLogic Imaging and Channel ID Check – Verifies optimal surround sound
  • System Balance Check – Adjusts speaker levels to optimum volume
  • Rattle Test – Determines if vibrations exists
  • System Purity Test – Verifies no unwanted interference in system
Price: $19.99$9.99
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