It’s wired, stylish, compact, ambidextrous and it’s finally here. This mouse is made for mobility and offers a cool alternative to notebook touch pads with an athletic-inspired design and blue LED. This High Definition mouse even sports a new compact Tilt Wheel and Magnifier tool for easier navigation of spreadsheets, documents and images. It’s a mouse that looks as good in your gym bag as in your laptop bag.
A recent study showed that notebook mouse users experience a lower incidence of pain in comparison to users who don’t use an external pointing device.
* New Proprietary High DefinitionOptical Technology puts ultimate performance in the palm of your hand. Microsofts new line of HighDefinition mice uses technology that is two generations ahead of standard optical and laser mice. These mice are equipped with the exclusive Microsoft Intelligent Tracking System for smoother tracking, 1,000 DPI for more responsiveness and 6,000 FPSfor better precision.
* New Compact Tilt Wheel is an innovative design specifically developed for notebook mice. The smaller wheel scrolls horizontally and vertically, making it quicker and easier to navigate long Web pages or spreadsheets.
*New Magnifier tool enlarges any section of the screen, enabling real-time magnified viewing and editing of images, documents, Web sites and more. Simply push the Magnifier button and move the cursorover any portion of the screen you want to enlarge.
* New Integrated buttons, compact shape andambidextrous form deliver new ways to click with superior mobility. With four buttons, including the Tilt Wheel and Magnifier, a stylish blue LED, sculpted finger grooves, and rubber side grips, thisnotebook mouse enhances and simplifies everyday mobile PC activities.
* Snap-in Receiver Saves Battery Power
* Comfort for either hand
* Convenient wireless portability
System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows

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