HELLO KITTY BUBBLEGUM GIRLFRIENDS is a collection of eight casual games for kids between the ages of 7 and 11. Most of the games are variations of popular titles. One of the more unique games is called “Crazy Cookie Race,” where players match cookie shapes to baking tins, sort decorated cookies, and add needed ingredients to dough recipes — all at the same time.

“Cup Cake Trampoline” is a variation of “Pong” but instead of a ball bouncing up to break through a wall, this variation involves a little squirrel who bounces up to eat cupcakes, ice cream, and other goodies. Kids can also play a charming variation on golf called “Tea Cup Croquet” where they aim balls through wickets and use teacups as bumpers. A couple of the games resemble the popular balloon-popping games in which same-colored balloons pop and disappear when kids maneuver them next to each other.

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